Our Investment Philosophy

We believe superior returns can be achieved by tailoring each portfolio to the needs of the client, rather than providing a more generic, model-based offering.

Our portfolio construction methodology centres around a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative screening process, in search of investments with a value bias, that is those investments which we deem to be undervalued by the market. We also screen for investments with an above average and growing yield, which we believe can insulate portfolio performance against short term market movements.

We focus on diversification, to ensure risk is mitigated through the incorporation of multiple sectors, geographies, asset classes and core investment themes. Where appropriate, we are inclined to minimise the use of collective investments, in order to diminish the overall cost to our clients. Investment trusts and unit trusts typically charge around 1% to institutional size investors, in addition to the fee levied by your chosen investment manager. We welcome the industry changes, which make these costs more transparent to investors.

We have an investment advisory committee, which includes experts from across the financial industry. It meets at least quarterly, and more frequently in times of increased market volatility. The remit of the committee is to proactively assess the macroeconomic environment and challenge each of our established investment philosophies, to ensure a robust and adaptable stock investment selection and evaluation process is in place.

Our overall aim is to provide clients with better risk adjusted returns, a superior and personalised service level, whilst being mindful of the impact many layers of fee charges can have on the overall performance of investments.